27 Things To Do Before I’m 28

I recently just turned 27 at the beginning of March and feel as though this is a perfect time to share my list of 27 things I would like to accomplish in my 27th year of life.  I have been contemplating a lot lately on what it is I want to become in my life as well as how my priorities are shifting.  I feel as though this will be a grand year with many new adventures and triumphs including my biggest one yet:  beginning my life and my own family with my one love.

Anyways…here is my list!

1.Continue minimalism practices
2. Move to a new town
3. Knit something everyday
4. Maintain this blog to improve my writing skills
5. Go fishing
6. Teach a new class
7. Get 3 stamps in my National Parks Passport
8. Can something new each season
9. Continue yoga practices
10. Send a snail mail surprise every month
11. Go horseback riding
12. See an animal giving birth
13. Complete a “Challenge”
14. Skype!
15. Launch etsy shop for GoatsAndGrain
16. Volunteer
17. Make an ebook using instagram photos
18. Complete a home D.I.Y. project
19. Learn how to make good sushi
20. Take Ellie Mae for a long adventure
21. Tour a brewery
22. Make time for my artwork
23. Take a class
24. Visit New York City
25. Train for and complete a half marathon
26. Host a dinner party
27. Keep on loving and being happy