Too Little Time…

I thought of a theory on time.  It is not time travel.  It is not time bending.  It is time transfer.

As I find my last days and therefore last hours dwindling down ever so quickly before the EDA (Estimated Departure Time), I am in the need of a few extra hours.  I look at others around me working hard and feel the need to take a nap.  Or maybe just skip a few hours altogether to get through their workday.  Alas!  Time transfer!

What if you could give your time away to someone else who needed it? It seems fair, as neither party would be using up their allotted 24 hours of time in one day.  Maybe it would even create a few extra jobs in this economy!  Just think, you could have a time bank with all of the necessary employees to help others manage all of the many hours of time transfer in one day.

There would be only one rule:  you would only be allowed to tra
nsfer time to one other person who is then using that time in the same 24 hour period.  In essence, all transactions need to be completed in the same day.