Local Foods, Salut!

At Yia Yia's pizza, enjoying a Sam'l Smith's Organic Apricot Beer

This is officially my last week in Lincoln, Nebraska and I can not explain what is going through my mind.  I constantly feel as though as there is something that I am missing, an errand I am spacing, or most importantly someone that I am forgetting to see before I depart.  I am attempting to see these people while managing to eat, as much as I can, at a few of my favorite local eateries in Lincoln. 

Local restaurants is an amenity that I fear I will miss greatly in one weeks time.  I know I will find new places, but my being vegetarian might cause for some added difficulties.  Eagerly, I will learn to cook and bake more often.  I have been rounding up a few menus from my favorite Lincoln food joints in order to attempt at recreating these in my own kitchen.  Ty will be my guinea pig (a fact he is unaware of).

I have been checking out some online cooking blogs for inspiration! I have found that Michael Natkin has some delicious sounding ideas on herbivoracious and an amazing drunken pumpkin chili recipe from my favorite food blog veggiebelly