Outlander in a Strange Land

It hit me yesterday.  It all finally hit me.  Smack in the face, and a couple more blows to my gut.  My mom left and then, there I was. All alone for an entire day in an unknown world.  The street names are odd, faces new, buildings a step back in time, the enchanting landscape and smells.  All of these are new. This is my new home. My new beginning.

Moving is a strange thing.  You don’t realize how quickly your routines are thrown off course, your sense of balance teeters, and all that was familiar has now vanished.  The oddest feeling is that of a stranger, or guest, in a new land. I feel like an outlander.  I know this feeling will ease and eventually disappear completely, but it might take some time.  It isn’t that I am saddened by the actual move, I am overwhelmed by the unknown.  It is exciting, intriguing, magical, and sad all at the same time!

But I have decided that for every one sad aspect, there are three exciting possibilities ahead in this adventure.