#2: Move to a New Town – Holllidaysburg, PA

Hollidaysburg is neither city nor township.  Hollidaysburg does not have a mayor.  Hollidaysburg has not been touched by any recession or even culture since the 1940s.  Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania is a burrough with a manager for all its 5,700 residents!  It is quaint, quiet, and exceptionally lovely.  The streets, architecture, and colors remind me of Sebastopol.  I feel like I have stepped back in time to a setting where (most) everyone is pleasant, the stress of everyday life does not exists, and everyone loves dogs!  Literally, everyone here walks their happy little (or big) pooches everywhere.  The local coffee shop is up to date on this doggie trend with a large dog bowl full of water out front!  Have I mentioned this place is lovely? If I had to think of a similar setting to compare it to, it would Pleasantville.  Or Hill Valley from Back to the Future. Check out that clock tower!

So I have been wandering around our little Pleasant Hill (my nickname for Hollidaysburg, as if it needs a nickname!) trying to scope things out.  I have found an amazing local crepes place called Allegheny Creamery and Crepes where they serve the most amazing food, albeit in huge portions.  I have been going there regularly for some sort of a routine.  I have discovered that the Blair County Prison is stationed here and looks like a medieval fortress.  There is a one Asian food restaurant, one pizza joint, one Italian place, and of course a Mom & Pop’s family restaurant, not unsimilar to Lee’s Chicken in Lincoln! We have one local grocery store and one gas station. It is small.

But all of this does not compare to the one most interesting fact about Hollidaysburg, PA.  Hollidaysburg is the Blair County’s state seat.  Meaning this is where the county courthouse is and all of the shenanigans that go along with that.  I discovered how influential this fact is, when on my first day alone here, I came home to find my house surrounded by police cars and patrolmen.

It turns out one unnamed presidential candidate was speaking just right next door on the steps of the courthouse!  Who would have thought that people would travel here to a small town in PA to talk about their candidacy?  I gathered from the small crowd of people listening/protesting, that this was not a big deal.

And with that, I give you Hollidaysburg.  My first completed task on my 27 Things to Do Before 28