New Toys and Cookies

Today I played with my new toys from my lovely mother:  my very own Sunbeam standup mixer, rolling pin, and rolling pin mat!  Yes, these are items that I have lacked and when necessary were borrowed from her well equipped kitchen. I have downsized to a much smaller, simpler kitchen set up where space is limited and counter space must be clear.  

I was feeling slightly homesick so I decided to put my energy into baking some yummy treats, just in time for Easter.  I busted out my grandmothers cookbook for her Snickerdoodle and Oatmeal cookies.  As you can see, the trick to keeping a minimalistic kitchen clean and organized, I continuously did dishes and put things away before moving on to the next step when time allowed. It helps to keep the clean up at the end down as well, which is an added bonus.

Ofia curiously sniffed out the kitchen scene and oven. No animals were harmed.

As you can see, the cookies all successfully made it out without burning or any other unfortunate incident.  Now the trick is to save some from Tyler’s eating before Easter dinner on Sunday!