Dog Days in Maryland

Ellie and I watching baseball.

Impromptu mini vacation over a three day weekend? Of Course, I would!  One huge advantage to living in the middle of Central Pennsylvania is the fact that I am, give or take, three hours away from so much. When three full days off were dropped in my lap unexpectedly, the decision to go somewhere was a given. But where to go? There was Baltimore, D.C., Philly, and Gettysburg just beckoning me.  But those are all adventures that I need my partner in spontaneity to share with me.  Then an idea struck me!  Not often do the cities that Tyler travels to for work on a regular basis sound at all interesting to me. Until this particular weekend.  The team, along with him, was traveling to Bowie, Maryland!  Wahoo!

Wait, Bowie you are thinking? Sure, there might not be much there with the exception of Baltimore Orioles’ AA minor league affiliate Bowie Baysox and their ballpark.  But if you know where Bowie is located in Maryland, then you know it is basically an extension of Annapolis.  Annapolis is fascinating with all of its history, Naval Academy, Chesapeake Bay, and not to mention the fact that it was once our nation’s capital for an interim period of time.  Needless to say, I was geeking out with excitement.  I packed as quickly as possible, packed up Ellie’s things and together we hit the road.  The drive itself was beautiful and so enticing being that we passed by Baltimore and Washington D.C. was only a half hour away. Travel time was roughly three hours. Ellie slept most of the drive. I sang along as backup singer to Stevie Wonder in the comfort of my VW.

Once in Annapolis, I knew that Ellie and I would have plenty of time to seek out our own sight seeing while Tyler worked.  Ellie and I were fine with that prospect.  So what does one do with a Norwegian Elkhound in Annapolis, Maryland in late Spring?  Well, here is what we did. We started out taking a car tour of Annapolis and the coastline.  It is a beautiful city that oozes wealth and colonial architecture.  The coastline reminded me of Charleston, SC with all of the large ocean front homes that appear as though nobody lives in them 8 months out of the year.  Everything is clean and simple, albeit old.  Very old.  Annapolis became a city in 1708, so we are talking 300-plus years old.  Several of the downtown streets have kept their names from the colonial days such as King George’s and Prince George’s.  It is quaint and lovely at first glace.Inside the downtown area, a few realities become apparent.  This old city is declining.  Maybe not in wealth and definitely not economically.  But you can see the ecological destruction of the bay itself and the removed fishing boats that once provided jobs and food to this city.   Nowadays the bay is full of recreational sailboats and yachts rocking lonely and stagnant.  The streets are congested with traffic while the sidewalks are barely passable without bumping into one another.  I could tell that families were vacationing here for the summer, but it was obvious that all in all, Annapolis is an overpopulated city and most likely growing steadily still.  Next up we ventured to the outskirts to get away from concrete and stumbled upon an exquisite state park named Quiet Waters.  While here Ellie and I hiked along the trails for a bit.  During this period time, Ellie decided she was tired and proceeded to lay day smack dab in the middle of the trail, leaving me to appear as the horrible animal owner who is over exhausting their pet! Quickly did she realize that people would smile and pat her head in encouragement.  Obviously not in encouragement to get up and continue along the hike, but instead this encouraged her to continue laying in the trail to receive head pats.  Oh the actress!  

Later on we decided to stop by the ballpark and visit Tyler where they were having “Muts Monday”.  

Quiet Waters State Park in Maryland. Ellie enjoys a sunspot.

Ellie thoroughly enjoyed her first baseball game among her fellow pup friends.  She sniffed out treats on the ground dropped by running children, and gulped from the large bowls of water left throughout the park for all four-legged companions to enjoy.  While sitting in an aisle seat, again Ellie mischievously learned that by creeping further into the aisle, she would then be in the direct path of many friendly game watchers coming and going.  All of which lit up at the sight of Ellie sitting there sweetly and again, gave her pats on the head. The weather could not have been more perfect, the ballgame was decent despite the loss, dogs filled the stands, and Ellie lay serenely next to me watching.  All in all, a great mini vacation to Annapolis, Maryland.