30 Items for 30(31) Days

My minimalistic 30 items in my lovely new wardrobe that Tyler built for me from IKEA on a recent trip to Pittsburgh.

In my strive towards complete minimalism, I am jumping into my first of many “challenges”.  After downsizing my closet for my move, I have begun feeling overwhelmed by how much I still have in my closet that goes untouched.  I understand that it simply is not the season for said items, but for me this not an acceptable excuse.  I want to eliminate any clutter and especially eliminate any items that are taking up valued space inside of my tiny closet.  In order for me to do this, I have decided to take on a challenge of 30 Items for 30 days (actually 31 to make it through the month of July for simplicity).  As mentioned earlier, this is my first of many “challenges” that I plan on attempting as stated on my 27 Things To Do Before I’m 28 list.

Many may be asking why I am about to take on this challenge and limit myself to the same 30 items of clothing for an entire month?  The answer to that is simple: I want to downsize my closet to the bare essentials.  I want to configure a personal uniform for myself to make things easier.  Easier for when I am determining something to wear, easier for doing laundry, easier when attempting to pack as light as possible,  and easier by eliminating that feeling of need to go shopping because I have one single item that matches nothing else in my wardrobe.

Why 30 items? Why not more or less even?  30 sounded like a reasonable number that would allow me to include shoes, outerwear, and any warmer items needed.  30 sounded like a number that I could strive for without completely feeling limited and a loss of person identity.  30, to me, is a number that can still get smaller, yet one that is significantly smaller than my entire wardrobe number of 100 items.

Throughout the month of July I expect to learn which pieces of my wardrobe are absolute essentials and which are just the fluff that adds decorative flare and personality.  My ultimate goal by the end of July is to realize that my wardrobe can be cut in half completely, freeing me of 50 extra items that I really do not need.  Here goes!