Recap of 30 Items for 30 Days Challenge and how I started…

I have successfully completed the 30 Items for 30 Days Challenge and am still going strong!  I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and found it inspirational.  It was the perfect stepping stone for fully purging my closet and understanding how little I really need (and want even).  When I first set out to complete this, I knew exactly why I wanted to do it and what I wanted to gain.  In the end, I learned a lot more about myself and my style.  Below is a collage of all of my clothing items along with a list that explains this top to bottom, left to right.

  1. Olive cotton tank by J.Crew 
  2. White cotton tank with embroidered neckline by Isis
  3. Orange running tank by Nike
  4. Red floral yoga tank by Patagonia
  5. Teal floral yoga top by Patagonia
  6. Yellow tank with lace collar by Anthropologie
  7. Camel silk shirt dress by Banana Republic
  8. Gray floral dress by Patagonia
  9. White and camel sweater tunic by Nau
  10. Yellow tee shirt by Nau
  11. Gray hiking shorts by Lole
  12. Black shorts by Lole
  13. Black running tights by Nike
  14. Dark boot cut jeans by Loft
  15. Black long sleeve 1/4 sleeve pullover by Patagonia
  16. Yellow sheer floral blouse by Free People
  17. Dark green hiking capris by Patagonia
  18. Pink sheer button up tunic by J. Crew
  19. Maroon yoga capri by Patagonia
  20. Orange running tee by Patagonia
  21. Black scoop neck tee by Nau
  22. Purple and orange floral blouse by Anthropologie
  23. Dark purple rain jacket by Nau
  24. Dark Grey Ehler’s Animal Care tee
  25. Off white scoop neck 3/4 sleeve tee by Lole
  26. Purple skirt by Isis
  27. Black and white striped skirt by Loft
  28. Black Chaco sandals
  29. Olive Toms shoes
  30. Red Asics trail running sneakers

My wardrobe’s camouflage =) It’s oh so pretty!

The first step in minimizing my wardrobe and creating a daily uniform, was to decide upon a color scheme.  By choosing a neutral like brown, navy or black (I chose black), and then focusing on 3-5 accent colors to accentuate your personality and style sense, you are able to minimize many headaches including the various decisions on how to accessorize and which shoes to wear or pack.  No need for both brown and black shoes and accessories anymore!  I found that I eliminated half of my entire wardrobe, just by narrowing down colors! For my accent colors, I chose warm earth hues such as oranges, yellows, greens, and purples.  The idea is that the colors should all blend together and match one another.

As you can see from my 30 items, the single most important thing in making my 30+ days go by quickly, is the fact that any of my tops will match any of my bottoms.  I made sure that not any particular piece of clothing stood out as something that only went with one or two items.  I needed versatility.  I needed high functionality.  I also needed to express myself through my wardrobe, without feeling deprived.   A few other steps in minimizing my wardrobe and establishing my uniform I will highlight at a later time. These include choosing high quality fabrics and eco-friendly brands, pieces that are both versatile and functional, finding items that make you feel great, and the art of accessorizing.

For now, if you are downsizing or simply looking for some freedom from your closet and billfold.  Take my advice, and simple establish a color scheme for yourself that you continuously stick with. If your neutral is black, then toss all brown items including brown shoes and purses.  I guarantee you will feel more free instantaneously. Enjoy the purge!