Meet the Nuno Girls…

I have been busy transforming our tiny living room into studio space.  Where there was once open space for Ellie and Ofia to lounge around, lies a portable table covered in plastic, bubble wrap, window screen, buckets, sponges, and other miscellaneous objects.  Wool roving, silk, scissors, and felting needles are not far away, safely out of harms way from the water.  

Recently, I have been playing around with new nuno felting techniques.  I have enjoyed knitting cowls for a while and wanted to incorporate a more artistic approach.  Thus, the nuno felted cowl.  Below are a few of the examples of what I have been throwing together in my new “studio”.

Meet Lolita.  She is lightweight and enjoys draping over anything she lays upon.  She is made of silk with organic merino wool.  Her inside is left silk so as not to be scratchy against anyone’s neckline.  She is the most promiscuous of them all with two sheer windows in her frontside.  She is a heather gray with deep red swirls.  

Lolita will be making her premier appearance at the LUX Center for the Arts’ deLUX Art Gala on September 16 where she will be auctioned off.  Don’t miss out.  This is a wonderful benefit dinner/auction that helps exceptional arts educational programs in Lincoln, NE.  

Meet Serena.  Serena is a beautiful heather gray with a bright fuscia skirt at her base.  She is made of silk and organic merino wool.  She is modestly felted both inside and out making her thicker and perfect for those cold nights.  Her merino wool coat makes her ideal for breaking a cool wind gust during a midnight stroll in the winter.  


And finally, meet Haley.  Haley is extremely soft and supple.  She is made of white silk and organic merino wool.  She is free spirited and likes her wool coat to lay loosely and haphazardly on her silky skin.  She is mostly a cream color with splashes on yellow and brown.  She is mostly sheer and lightweight.  She enjoys cool, breezy evenings in the spring and summer when her ruffles will float in the wind.  She gets a bit chilly when it is fall and likes to stay indoors then.