New Projects Await…

I finally have discovered a local yarn shop worth visiting, cute name included, The Delightful Ewe.  The owners are two older ladies with enough life and spunk in them to make me feel at home.  The place is as tiny and compact as my one bedroom apartment, but it is packed with treasures.  In a place where there is not much to do, and even less art/culture to escape into, this local yarn shop has been well worth the wait.

It is time that I delve into knitting projects for the fall and winter.  It will be the therapeutic activity that I need.  I purchased some new yarn that I fully intend to knit into a multi-colored hat for the approaching colder weather.  I am still searching for the perfect pattern, as I am someone who does not typically wear winter caps even when I have them.  I will keep you posted as I go along!