I thought I moved away from Husker football…

When I moved away from Nebraska, one thing that I thought I was moving away from, was the infamous Cornhuskers and football.  I thought I would no longer hear the gossip about the latest of Bo Pelini and players.  I figured that the “Sea of Red” would vanish from all sight on Saturday’s.  I assumed that I wouldn’t have to worry about competing for a television set, do I dare say attention, on game days.  Heck, I did not even expect to distinguish any Saturday as a home game day or not.  Oh boy, could I have been more wrong..

Preparing the goop

After these couple of months in coming the realization that football will not only be in the t.v. quite frequently in my house, but that on Saturdays you had better bet that the Huskers will be not only by on the t.v., but that the house will be filled with Husker Pride. So when my mom visited in late September, we made our efforts to forget about the fact that we were transplanted in Central PA, but instead filled the house with all things Husker.  

Placing the rolls in the pan with enough room to rise.


We not only had our red and white on, and the television blasting the pre and post game gossip, but Mom and I were in the kitchen whipping up a Nebraska classic.  Chili and cinnamon rolls! We are are making the cinnamon rolls…the chili was must less exciting to prepare.

This is my grandmother’s recipe for sticky buns and it is obviously a family favorite.  The group is simple and the batch produces a whopping 4 dozen rolls!  Once we begun, we quickly realized that my grandma must be rolling out her dough extra extra thin, because there was no way we were going to make 48 small rolls out of what we had.  That being said, we made larger rolls and still made around 3 dozen.  

The cinnamon rolls have risen and are ready to bake!

Plenty to last for Mom’s visit and then some. We even stashed some in the freezer for upcoming trip we had planned…we plan on stretching out this yumminess for quick some time.

Needless to say, we had a great day of pretending to be home in Nebraska and my homesickness subsided for that day.  Dare I say that I, myself, am also turning into a Huskerfan.  I realized that this is something very simple and gratifying that I can do to help get through any feelings of homesickness.  It is fairly easy to transplant yourself in another place by recreating your environment with foods, smells, and sounds.  Success!

The final product! Flipped out of the ban once done to reveal the goop sinking into the rolls.