Operation Sparkle…#27 an ongoing (forever long) adventure

Operation Sparkle

The happy couple

Background story:  The boyfriend and I took a nice week long vacation at the beginning of October.  Last October we ventured on a road trip to the South West where we wound up in Grand Canyon National Park.  We wanted to keep things in pattern with that vacation, so for this one we headed North East.  Way North East.  We drove up to Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine.  This week turned out to be the best vacation imaginable…for many reasons. (More on Acadia National Park to come…)

The sunrise with Bubble Pond in the background

So the drive to Bar Harbor from Central PA was estimated at a little longer than 13 hours.  Add a seven year old dog in the mix and we made it there in just slightly over 14 hours. We drove it straight through on Sunday, September 30.  We made into our campsite early enough to set up while it was still somewhat light outside.  Win!  All three of us were exhausted from the drive so we kerplunked in the tent early.  The boyfriend wanted to get up early, 5:30 am early, to drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain for the sunrise.  I was less than thrilled by the prospect and continuously encouraged that we could see the  sunrise on Tuesday morning after we had a day of relaxing and sightseeing.

Ellie was our witness to the moment

The strategic set up: Needless to say, he beligerently woke me up at 5:50 am and we both stumbled out of bed.  We rushed up the mountain top in order to make the sunrise, only to discover that the top had been socked in by fog.  You couldn’t see anything, let alone the sun rising up over the hillside.  We jumped back in the vehicle and drove down the mountain a little ways until we found a look out spot.  I followed, as he anxiously led the way to a beautiful clearing with some nice large boulders to sit on.  It was the perfect spot.  We could see everything.  The sight, even without a sunrise, was breath taking.  We overlooked Bubble Pond that has massive land formations that appear to be gurgling out of the water like bubbles.  The vegetation surrounding us was lush and bright with the changing colors of fall.  It was wonderful.

It is perfect!

The execution: With Ellie sitting beside the giant boulder that I rested on, awaiting the view, my boyfriend asked to become my Future Mr!  I honestly can say that I was so shocked and it happened so fast that I don’t remember all the details that followed.  I do know there were tears, smiles, kisses, hugs, and then phone calls!  Oh and of course the word “yes” blurted from my mouth!

The aftermath:  After we settled down enough to gain composure, we enjoyed the sunrise for a few minutes.  Then we went to celebrate.  For us, there is no better way of celebrating exciting news than to devour a delicious breakfast!

At Jeannie’s Great Maine Breakfast enjoying their delicious coffee…my hair is definitely bed-head meets hat-hair.

We found the most amazing breakfast diner in Bar Harbor, Jeannie’s Great Maine Breakfast.  Everything was made fresh from local farmers and our waitress(es) were just friendly enough for an early morning meal, but not overly chipper to the point of factitious happiness.

Discussing the details: While enjoying my feast of a veggie omelet and cinnamon toast smothered homemade strawberry rhubarb jam, the Future Mr. proceeded to tell me about “Operation Sparkle”.  About how he had been planning this for quite some time and covertly discussed details with our families.  His choosing the perfect ring for me from a guy in NYC over the phone.  (He knows me well enough to know that I  believe in all things handmade.  My setting is handmade from a man in NYC, while my diamond was picked out from a family friend jeweler.)

Veggie omelet with cinnamon toast smother with the best strawberry rhubarb jam ever!

 The disappointment in the ring not arriving just days earlier for my mom to see it in person during her visit.  He was telling me all about the day the ring arrived and him trying to figure out where he could stash it where that I wouldn’t stumble upon it in the house.  His keeping cool the entire drive to Bar Harbor and during my rants of wanting to sleep in on day 1.  We both agreed it was a perfectly planned and delivered execution.  

We looked like lovebirds so we were given these for our morning coffees

All in all…Operation Sparkle was a HUGE success! 

This is the perfect time for me to check off my #27 on my list of 27 Things to Do Before I’m 28!  #27: Keep on loving and being happy…