Never Too Early to Cozy Up {and knit}

A sampling of my finished “gals”.

I have been a little frazzle minded these past few weeks with much going on!  In the frenzy, while I was obviously not writing, I’ve been knitting and felting!  As the weather is well under way towards snowflakes and bitterness, I like to keep myself cozy (and sane) with a mug of java, a great movie, and a new knitting pattern that I designed.  I find it to be therapeutic and meditative with its tedious and repetitive nature.  

Meet Mackenzie: she’s cozy, large, and likes to wrap twice around her wearer’s neck.

Knitting is one of those crafts where there is a set pattern and an expected outcome. I go into each knitting project knowing exactly what I want to accomplish and what my finished product will be.  Each piece that I create is my own design and pattern, making each piece a OOAK.  The organic or unexpected aspect lies in the materials that I find myself drawn to.  I love how natural fibers, such as wool, bamboo, and cotton often have a mind of their own.  They are materials that one can manipulate only as much as they will to be manipulated.  That is one of the thrills of working with such materials.  I always know my expected outcome, but there will remain a little mystery in how the piece will finish out.  It is not un-similar to nature, how the fibers that are made from it always are alive and actively sprouting their own uniqueness and beauty.

Say “bonjour” to Lola. Lola is nuno felted with organic merino wool onto silk. She is a lovely, seamless cowl.

For everything mathematical and precise that knitting is, felting is the complete opposite.  With felting, each piece ends up however the fibers want to end up and less so how much I want it to.  Felting takes those natural fibers and shrinks them.  With shrinkage, there is never an exact amount or outcome.  To me, that is what gives felting its beauty.  I can guestimate, based on math and previous measurements, what can be expected, but it will never be exact.  Each and every piece that is felted, or nuno felted, will be unique.  No one is alike the other.  How fun! 

So I like to knit.  And I like to nuno felt.  What have I been creating?  Mostly warm and snugglies for your neck, shoulders, and head!  For those who are in Lincoln, Nebraska, my pieces will be on display for you to touch, try on, snuggle up with, and take home at LUX Center’s Warm, Wooly, and Wearable fiber arts trunk show.   This special winter inspired event is one night only on Thursday, November 15 from 6-8pm.  Don’t miss out!  Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend.  I will be instead, rejoicing my last day of work and packing with The Fiancé! (More to come on that topic soon…)

 For anyone else, check out my etsy shop at  

Happy Winter Days!