December Photo Project {12.5}

12.5 - "But Mom, I like this new home just fine! Why do we have to move again...?" {December Photo Project}

12.5 – “But Mom, I like this new home just fine! Why do we have to move again…?” {December Photo Project}

I should preface by saying that the Future Mr., myself, and our kids (animals) are in a transitional living situation.  That being said, today we went house and apartment hunting!  It was fun (and interesting) to be able to drive around my new city and check out the various neighborhoods.  We saw some terrible places that reeked of smoke, others that were equally sketchy with already broken windows, and then we discovered some lovely places that instantly stole our hearts.

We are extremely fortunate in that we have the ability to take our time and leisurely find the perfect home.  We are discussing what it is we want in a place and things that are definite deal breaker.  We both have things that are important us and others that we can let go.  For instance, for myself, I love natural lighting.  I love huge, open spaces containing multiple windows.  The kitchen is another thing that needs to be open enough for me to spend most of my time in.  Some additional benefits, for myself, would be an area for a garden, and of course a studio space where I can weave, sew, and dance around.  The Future Mr. on the other hand views a basement as a must.  This would be for his man-cave.  I want him to be able to have a space where he can play video games, hang his sports memorabilia, and utilize his beloved weight bench.  Overall, it is fun to have these conversations and look for a place together.  One that we ultimately will be starting our new life in our new town, together.

Once we returned home and were getting ready for bed, I noted that our kiddos seem very content having just moved across the country.  Ofia seems to never the bed…literally she is on our bed 23 hours a day.  Ellie likes the colder air and seems to be settling down a bit.  I know that wherever we end up, we need to make sure we are meeting the needs for them as well.  A yard for Ellie would be great, but if that is not an option then something near a park is a must.  For Ofia, window sills must be available.  A basement for her litter box wouldn’t be opposed either!

Here is to happy house/apartment shopping!  What a perfect holiday present it would be for all four of us to settle in for the winter =)