28 Things to do Before I’m 29…

28 Things to do Before 29

   I just celebrated my 28th birthday and honestly don’t feel any older.  That seems to be a common theme with each passing birthday.  I’m creeping towards 30, but before I get there I feel as though there is still SO much that I want to accomplish while in my twenties.  Looking back on this past year, I am nostalgic for all of the huge changes that came along and all of the adventures I sought out.  Although I only completed roughly half of my list of 27 Things to do Before I’m 28, there was so much more that I did that wasn’t on my list!

   Not only did I pack up and move across the country to a small town in Pennsylvania, I packed up and moved once again to Denver, Colorado in the same year!  I quickly obtained those 3 new stamps in my National Parks Passport camped with Ellie Mae in Acadia National Park.  Actually, not only did I visit Acadia National Park, but I also saw the sunrise before everyone else in America while getting engaged!  I visited out National Naval Academy in Annapolis.  I went on a cruise for the first time in my life where I overcame a fear and almost eloped. =)  I made Christmas dinner for my family AND cooked them a big, juicy pig (which obviously I ate none of).  We can’t forget my visiting NYC not once, but three times.  That is where I had the great fortune of seeing my first broadway musical, Once.  All in all, there was a lot that I did accomplish on my list, and even more that I didn’t imagine I would be doing!  And I did all of it happily, merrily, and as minimalistic as possible.

   So now looking forward to the upcoming year, I am excited and eager for all that will come.  My biggest goal for this new year is to focus on myself more.  I want to explore; myself, my thoughts and feelings, my goals in life, my spirituality, and face even more fears.  I want to live as positively as possible while remaining to stay in the moment.  Keep present.  After all, I’m only 28 once.  I better make it awesome!

I might not love the idea of getting another year older, but I do love the idea of having another year to fill with the 28 things on the list below.

  1. Get married
  2. Plant a garden
  3. See a big Broadway musical production
  4. Run a 5K
  5. Go winter camping
  6. Join a book club
  7. Volunteer
  8. Visit a new country
  9. Cook a new recipe every week (maybe not every week but quite frequently)
  10. Kiss on top of a 14er (after hiking it)
  11. Bake the perfect cheesecake
  12. Explore spirituality
  13. Can on my own
  14. Love on my yoga mat until it wears out
  15. Get 3 new stamps in National Parks Passport
  16. Do a coffee tour of Denver in a day
  17. Carve a pumpkin
  18. Attend a midnight premier of a cult movie
  19. Learn to crochet granny squares
  20. Have a picnic in all 4 seasons
  21. Take a class
  22. Dye. More than once.
  23. Write a children’s book
  24. Kayak in a new ocean
  25. Complete a photo challenge
  26. Attend an opening day
  27. Keep on loving the Future Mr. and critters
  28. Continue minimalism

So here goes…