2013 in review…

I know that I have been incognito for the past year or so, but not due to lack of adventures.  On the contrary, my world has been hectic, exciting, and at times a struggle.  Here is 2013 in review to explain:

Here is the long and short of all that I have accomplished, completed, grown through, and enjoyed!

  • Went on my first Cruise to Belize and Cozumel where I met up with two of my favorite people and rode of a horse for the first time
  • Attended the Colorado Rockies’ Opening Day
  • Felt how small I really am while hiking at Garden of the Gods
  • Built and planted my first garden (I was successful with mostly squash)
  • Supported Wendy Davis with my pink running shoes while she filibustered for women’s rights
  • Witnessed two amazing people get hitched in San Diego
  • Hung out with the hippos at the San Diego Zoo with great peeps
  • Went camping at RMNP
  • Took my bachelorette party to the river – literally, while white water rafting
  • Frolicked about at my first Renaissance Fair
  • Prepared, created, canned, and then some for my best day ever
  • Go Married to the Mr. at the Arbor Day Farms
  • Hung out on the beaches of Dominican Republic
  • Grew a window herbs garden with mason jars in our kitchen
  • Carved our first pumpkins together
  • Took the Mr. to his first ever haunted house
  • Watched the Nuggets dominate
  • Visited NYC and enjoyed a ghost story tour
  • Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Hiked in the snow in RMNP with my family
  • Photographed the entire month of December
  • Learned the heartache of losing of a loved one
  • Was reminded of all of the love and compassion in the world thanks to Nelson Mandela
  • Loved.  Loved every single day.
  • Oh yea….and ignored my blog for too long!