#26: Attend the Denver Rockies’ Opening Day

IMG_0149Last March, I was fortunate enough to attend the Denver Rockies’ Opening Day as part of my 28 Things to Do Before 29.  Now that all the teams are attending Spring Training for this year’s baseball season, I feel like I have to post about last year’s Opening Day.  


The entire city was full of Purple and Black, people and vendors filled the streets, and all of the street side bars were filled with overzealous fans ready for another year of promise and hope.  There were families decked out in their favorite player’s jersey, signs abundant with encouraging words for the team, men on stilts, animals, I even saw a purple mohawk with the Rockies logo painted on it.  Everything you could think of declaring the pride for the hometown team, it was there.  

You see, I learned something while attending Opening Day for the Rockies.  I learned what it must feel like to attend my own team’s, the Oakland Athletics, Opening Day.  IMG_0152That is how it feels to start off the season excited, believing that this year will be different, the hope that for one year your sports team will be good and make it all the way.  There is no bitterness, no discouragement that your team has lost half its games in the season, and nobody brings up the prior year’s failure.  For this is a new year.  This is The Year.  I think that only comes from rooting for a team that year after year struggles and disappoints.  

Well, I am ready.  I am ready for the new season and I am ready for this year to be The A’s Year.  I am hopeful.