#2: Plant a garden…


My first garden!

Last June, the Mr. and myself decided to plant a garden.  At least that is how I like to believe it happened in my imagination, when in reality what happened was that my parents came out to visit one weekend and I had the idea that I wanted to create a pallet garden for our front porch.  I had only seen images of this done and naturally had not read any “how-to” or instructions on creating such project.  As when people do such things, it turned out to be a disaster.  

In short, the Mr. found me two pallets from craigslist for free, I went and picked up soil, small plants, and landscape cloth.  In the first trial, the entire thing fell apart on us and ripped through the landscape cloth.  Round 2:  my dad stepped in with his gardening expertise and helped to salvage things.  In the end, we did have a pallet garden!  It looked so adorable and I was so hopeful that it would prosper and provide for us.  That was my naiveté coming out.  

We did have a few things thrive!  We learned that we are really great at growing squash and mutant cucumbers that we are fairly certain bred with the squash.  We had a few different types of peppers that did grow, but our tomatoes couldn’t make it.  Then we had a few various vegetables including asparagus and eggplant, that seemed to just give up the minute they were surrounded by the new unknown soil.  

Playing in the dirt kind of therapy

Playing in the dirt kind of therapy

What did I learn?  I learned that I did have a blast getting all dirty and playing in the dirt.  I learned that we have a perfect spot in our front yard with just the right amount of sunlight for anything to make it.  I learned that I planted our garden way too late.  I learned the Mr. has more patience with me than I knew and he will support me in my wild haired adventures like randomly seeing a picture and wanting to recreate it on my own without guidance.  I didn’t think about the fact that I should have some sort of a plan for a garden when I added it to my 28 Things to do Before 29 list.  Most of all, I learned that I am now determined to try it again this year the minute it gets warm, and I am going to do my research this time.  

Kitchen herb garden with mason jars

Kitchen herb garden with mason jars

On a bright side, I was able to successfully grow an herb garden in my kitchen with mason jars!  The how-to for these, since these really do work, is to layer about an inch of rock at the bottom of the mason jars, then layer the soil and the seeds.  The rocks help with the irrigation so that the herbs don’t drown.  Water these once a week and they will thrive.  I placed mine in my kitchen window that faces North.  This window allowed perfect lighting and added a certain element of natural decor.  I chose parsley, thyme, basil, rosemary, and catnip for mine.  Yes the catnip was for the kitty and I will tell you that plant grows like a weed.  

Stay tuned for the next garden and I hope you all try the kitchen herb garden at home!