#17: Carve a pumpkin…

IMG_2941This is far far overdue and not even close to Halloween time, but I wanted to share as it was part of my 28 Things to do Before 29 accomplishments.  I carved a pumpkin for the first time since a kid living with my folks. 

IMG_2936Halloween is by far my favorite holiday so I decided to really decorate and get into this year.  After I took the Mr. to his very first ever haunted house, I managed to get him into the spooky spirit, too.  After decorating the porch with a few skeletons, witches, and other deadly ghouls, we set up our carving station.  Our kitchen table transformed to a paper towel covered butchers table.  We were fully equipped with a carving tool set, pattern books, spoons to assist with the pumpkin seed scooping, a cookie at hand, and the oven pre-heated for the seed roasting!  Let the festivities begin!


IMG_2985Our first pumpkin turned out perfect!  It was both frightening and meticulous.  Unfortunately, one thing we did not know, was that squirrels love pumpkin.  Within a week our first carved pumpkin had a hole through the back with fermenting pumpkin and mold growing.  Squirrels gladly took their bites and felt their high, night after night.  We started over, choosing a more difficult pattern this time around and ended up with another pumpkin that was more fun than frightening with a witch flying on her broomstick!  This complemented our porch wonderfully.  

IMG_2960Hours before trick or treating was to begin, I painted my face for Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos, candy skull style.  I made us both dirt for desert and had bowls over flowing with sweets.  We waited for the trick or treaters.  And waited  And waited.  We had maybe 10 kids in total and it was a bust.  Majority of these children were more scared of my face than excited for the candy.  Maybe next year will be better.  We live facing a street that is extremely dark and not many front porches face it.  Next year I will add lights and possibly music to draw in the trick or treaters!  Either way, it was a fun day.  


And we were able to enjoy our pumpkin seeds…


Roasted pumpkin seeds