A date with Dracula

Shh...the ballet is about to start

Shh…the ballet is about to start

Imagine a live performance that has no words, no yelling, no singing, no dialogue, just amazing symphonic music and perfectly choreographed dance. A live performance where the audience has the choice to interpret how they want based on the dancing and music. An afternoon to get dressed up, enjoy some wine with a great friend, and get lost in a story. How had I never discovered the ballet?

This year I had the opportunity to attend The Colorado Ballet performance of Dracula. I had only ever seen The Nutcracker performed by The San Francisco Ballet when I was much younger. I do not remember it. As part of the 29 Things to do Before I’m 30 list, I decided that Dracula seemed the perfect story to enjoy.

Dracula itself is a hauntingly sad story. One that I had never read before, which may have made the ballet that much more enjoyable. I did not know what would happen next or how things would end. It gave me reason to use my imagination, which any good performance can do.

The Colorado Ballet performance of Dracula

The Colorado Ballet performance of Dracula

Ballet may be one of my favorite forms of art at this point. I enjoyed everything about it including the costume, the simple stage setup, the incredible music, and the emotions that emerge based on such music. The dancing was really what I got lost in. Each dance captivated me and left me waiting for the next choreographed move. The fluidity that the dancers showed, and the way the costumed flowed was such a beautiful sight. The fast tempo dances with multiple dancers allowed for feelings of happiness, celebration, or agitation. The slower more thoughtful dances between two individuals were ones of watching an intimate exchange that caused feelings of love, struggle, or deep sadness depending upon the music. Some of the most enjoyable dances during Dracula included those of struggle or fighting. Who would have thought that a fight choreographed into dance would be so breathtaking. Such a play on emotions. It was absolutely irresistible. To say the least, I will be attending the ballet much more frequently.