31 things to do before I’m 32

Ofia 31 things

Ofia is thrilled for this year’s goal list!

It’s my favorite time of year!  That month where I get to cumulate all of the exciting adventures that I have always wanted to do and create a goal list to do before my next birthday. Last year for my 30 things to do before 31, I was able to get a lot done, but was more lackluster than usual about actually posting.  It was not out of apathy, but more out of the (joyful) fact that I did not have the time. I was too busy enjoying life and whatever adventures it led me on, to stop and write it down.  This year, I did the responsibility thing any list maker would do in this situation, and I put this blog as a focus on my goal list for this year.  Enjoy!

31 things to do before I’m 32

  1. Get strong
  2. Sleep above ground
  3. Climb outside
  4. Go off the grid
  5. See an icon live
  6. Learn self defense
  7. Make GoPro videos
  8. “Adult” as a verb
  9. Volunteer regularly
  10. Learn a new language fluently
  11. Backpack in Canada
  12. Build something with my hands
  13. Do something crazy for love
  14. Fall asleep beside the ocean
  15. Can jam
  16. Ice skate on a lake
  17. Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge
  18. Read all of the my books, then promptly give them away
  19. Under 100 wardrobe
  20. Backpack with a cat
  21. Beat Legendary Wings on NES
  22. Needles and Thread daily
  23. Adho Mukha Svanasana
  24. Enter 5 art exhibitions
  25. Mother-Daughter tattoo (it’s happening Mom)
  26. Skydive
  27. Go fishing
  28. Camp as often as possible
  29. Say “Yes” for an entire month
  30. Be a better writer
  31. Continue journey of minimalism




30 Things to Do Before I’m 31…

30 Things

Turning 30 was not life changing.  Turning 30 did not make me feel older or wiser or grown up.  Turning 30 was the closing of a chapter in my life only to open the next.  The last year of my twenties taught me so much about myself, how strong I am, what I value, what I want to become, and most importantly how life can change in the blink of an eye.  It taught me forgiveness, and how to let go of an idea or plan for what was and to instead accept the unknown.  It showed me that the past is gone, the future is unknown, but the present is what I make of it.  Turning 30 is my chance of a new beginning and I know it will be the best year yet.

30 Things to Do Before I turn 31:

  1. Yell at the top of a mountain
  2. Photograph a Great Migration
  3. Live in the present
  4. Feel the wind of a train on my face at midnight
  5. Solve a murder-mystery dinner
  6. Get caught in a rain storm
  7. Learn a new sport
  8. Swim in a natural swimming hole
  9. Have a Girls’ Getaway
  10. Travel more with Ellie
  11. Write more poetry
  12. Disconnect
  13. Stay up all night watching b+w films
  14. Hear the Dalai Lama speak
  15. Go on a blind date
  16. See a sunset in Santa Fe
  17. Do a Color Run
  18. Visit a Planetarium
  19. Throw a dart at a map and go
  20. Make the perfect latte in the backcountry
  21. Surprise someone
  22. Go to a water park
  23. Complete a photo challenge
  24. Attend a concert/show of someone I have never heard of
  25. 3 new stamps in my National Parks Passport
  26. Visit as many breweries as possible
  27. Sit in a hot spring in the dead of winter
  28. Experience the color change in an Aspen Grove
  29. Continue journey of minimalism
  30. Complete my 29 Things to Do Before 30

29 Things to Do Before 30

00I just entered the last year of my twenties.  Do I feel any differently?  Not at all.  Will I in 12 months? Doubtful.  One thing that helps with aging is to have goals to look forward to instead of dwelling on the past.

The most exciting thing about my birthday is the fact that I get to start a new bucket list for the year.  I get to daydream of all of the adventures I am about to embark on and the obstacles I will undoubtedly overcome.  Reflecting on last years 28 Thing to Do Before 29 list, I was disappointed in the few things I was unable to get crossed off.  This year I took more time.  I spent about a week just planning.  Looking over my all time life bucket list and fantasizing about things that I have always wanted to do.  Then I narrow things down to a realistic list for the coming year based on my state of mind, how much vacation time I will have, what our financial state is, and what are the most important things to developing myself as an individual.

So here it is…

29 Things to Do Before I Turn 30

  1. Overcome a fear
  2. Live in a cabin for a week
  3. 100HappyDays
  4. Do something out of my comfort zone monthly
  5. Complete my own Happiness Project
  6. Enjoy a Hot Spring
  7. Hike often.  Bike often. Walk often.
  8. Send snail mail letters
  9. Transform into a yogi
  10. Watch the sunrise & sunset in the desert
  11. Attend a festival
  12. Maintain a drop-in ready home at all times
  13. Take a ride in a hot air balloon
  14. Make a quilt
  15. Attend the ballet
  16. Interview my grandparents
  17. Discover the South
  18. Watch a meteor shower
  19. Take a class
  20. Obtain 3 new stamps in my National Parks Passport
  21. Rediscover my banjo
  22. Snowshoe to a yurt for an overnight trip
  23. Type something on a typewriter
  24. “Live” in my neighborhood for a month
  25. Become a “regular” somewhere
  26. Cook more ethnic food
  27. Give blood
  28. Read 50 books – Half Way Point
  29. Tour a whiskey distillery
  30. Continue my journey of minimalism