31 things to do before I’m 32

Ofia 31 things

Ofia is thrilled for this year’s goal list!

It’s my favorite time of year!  That month where I get to cumulate all of the exciting adventures that I have always wanted to do and create a goal list to do before my next birthday. Last year for my 30 things to do before 31, I was able to get a lot done, but was more lackluster than usual about actually posting.  It was not out of apathy, but more out of the (joyful) fact that I did not have the time. I was too busy enjoying life and whatever adventures it led me on, to stop and write it down.  This year, I did the responsibility thing any list maker would do in this situation, and I put this blog as a focus on my goal list for this year.  Enjoy!

31 things to do before I’m 32

  1. Get strong
  2. Sleep above ground
  3. Climb outside
  4. Go off the grid
  5. See an icon live
  6. Learn self defense
  7. Make GoPro videos
  8. “Adult” as a verb
  9. Volunteer regularly
  10. Learn a new language fluently
  11. Backpack in Canada
  12. Build something with my hands
  13. Do something crazy for love
  14. Fall asleep beside the ocean
  15. Can jam
  16. Ice skate on a lake
  17. Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge
  18. Read all of the my books, then promptly give them away
  19. Under 100 wardrobe
  20. Backpack with a cat
  21. Beat Legendary Wings on NES
  22. Needles and Thread daily
  23. Adho Mukha Svanasana
  24. Enter 5 art exhibitions
  25. Mother-Daughter tattoo (it’s happening Mom)
  26. Skydive
  27. Go fishing
  28. Camp as often as possible
  29. Say “Yes” for an entire month
  30. Be a better writer
  31. Continue journey of minimalism