Caught in a Rainstorm…

From the inside looking out

From the inside looking out

While walking with Ellie through my neighborhood, we were caught in a rainstorm. The skies were overcast and forecasted some fog and maybe a light drizzle. We were not prepared for what we got caught in, with me in some loose pants, a tank top and Ellie just freshly groomed.  This moment happened out of nowhere, and yet seemed so intentional.  Being caught unexpectedly in a rainstorm was on my list this year of 30 Things to do Before 31. How perfectly serendipitous.

So, I did what any rational human would do when caught in a complete downpour.  I just let life happen.  I stopped and focused on all of the feels.

I wanted to experience and be mindful of all that was happening. To listen to the sound of the rain pour down around me, hitting the garbage cans I stood near, the water crash against the leaves on the trees overhead, and the puddles that were quickly forming beneath.  To feel the water slide down my face and soak through my clothes. To feel the weight of my clothing get heavier with each additional second. To feel my hair slowly get plastered to my face and drip on my shoulders. To feel my socks get soaked through my shoes.  To watch Ellie attempt to shake off the water from her coat, only to be disgruntled with more water pelting her.  To capture the moment in its entirety.

That is what I experienced in that rainstorm.  Then something interesting happened, I realized that once you are already soaked that the feeling is, nice. I was able to walk, or run, or stomp through any puddle I desired. I could take my time and smile to the others who were running for shelter or frantically scrambling for any sort of cover.  I could appreciate this secret moment I was sharing with my dog.  Since it was raining, there was no way for me to capture it on camera or worry about any outside influence.  I was disconnected.  I was only present on this street in my neighborhood in the rain.

I was not in a hurry to get home.  I was not in a hurry for anything in that moment. I felt young and free.  This was mindfulness.  I was blissfully happy. 


October: Be present with a photo a day…

#bepresentSeptember’s almost over, and Fall is officially here!  After enjoying the Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse this week, I am inspired to embark on another Photo Challenge.  This challenge will be throughout the month of October and will be celebrating all things Fall and all things October. It is only fitting, as October is my favorite month{more to come on this topic} and so many good feels occur during those 31 days.

Unlike most Photo Challenges, I will not be making a list of various photos that I want to capture. Instead, I am going to focus on being in the present and capture whatever moves me each day.  To be in the present, means to slow down and focus on what is happening in that precise moment without thinking of the past nor daydreaming of what will come.  It is to focus on the emotions, the sounds, the smells, the tastes, the weather or landscape, and really feeling all of the senses in their entirety.  By making a list of photo ideas, I would be creating a preconceived set of photos that I would be aspiring to capture throughout the month.  That is the exact opposite of what I want to accomplish.

I am looking to do one thing this month, to fully experience October.  This Photo Challenge will be in conjunction with my Being in the Present, both of which are on my list of 30 Things to do Before I’m 31.  Join me on instagram using hashtag #bepresent or just follow along!